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Deborah Goodall Marketing

Who can Deborah help:

Deborah specialises in small to medium-sized businesses with 40 or more employees. Deborah's ideal client is someone who is passionate about their business and wants to see it grow. She's based near York but works nationwide.
Company: Aer8 Marketing
Business style: Quirky and always original
  • Specialisms:
  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing

Ready to chat?

Phone: 07903 387 143

Helping your business...

Do you know who your target audience is? What's the best way to reach them? Who are your competitors? Coming up with a marketing plan can be daunting, but not with Deborah by your side. She can define one year, three year or five year plans. If you want help to carry out campaigns, direct marketing, sales promotion and branding, she has your back too.

Who is Deborah

Most people have downtime, but for Deborah it's up - usually in the mountains. Here she mountain bikes or trail runs. Deborah's progressed from adventure racing over fells and dales to ultra distance marathons over mountains. Her next challenge is training her dog Poppy to become a search dog.

Who does Deborah work for?

After a successful stint heading up the marketing at York Agricultural Society, Deborah set up Aer8 Marketing in 2011.

Think Deborah could help your business?

Phone: 07903 387 143

Why Deborah is on How's Business:

Deborah is on How's Business because she helped businesses out at the Hovingham Popup Business Cafe.

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