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David Gibson Marketing

Who can David help:

David’s used to greasing the cogs at every level of business, from front-line teams right up to senior board level. Now that expertise is within your reach, whether you run a small, medium or micro-business.
Company: APIC
Business style: Inquisitive
  • Specialisms:
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Website development
  • Digital marketing

Ready to chat?

Phone: 01748 824246

Helping your business...

David says his job’s all about probing an idea; teasing out the bits you might have overlooked. Or, perhaps you’ve run out of steam or want to grow business and don’t know where to turn? It’s David’s probing questions which reveal new angles, ones which could transform your future prospects. David puts a keen focus on goals too, after all, you have to have something clear to work towards - and it’s his job to keep you focused on them. He makes a point of being the person who’ll hold you to your word by picking up the phone, or dropping by, so you stay on top of that strategy.

Who is David

There’s no tougher test of sticking to a plan than finishing a triathlon, and David’s done several, including the Klagenfurt Ironman in Austria (the hardest kind of triathlon there is). As well as competing, he’s now a level two club coach who teaches new and experienced triathletes, and as you might expect, preparation and planning play a huge part in that.

Who does David work for?

David works for APIC Consultants, whether you need a new website, an app, PR support, digital marketing, a video or brochures; they'd love to work with you.

Think David could help your business?

Phone: 01748 824246

Why David is on How's Business:

David is on How's Business because he's helped business owners at Leyburn and Richmond.

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