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Kirsty Coates Staff development

Who can Kirsty help:

Kirsty delivers training wherever it’s needed - whether that’s on a factory floor, in an office, online or at her dedicated training centre. Gaining skills in customer service, social media and passing on knowledge is essential for every business.
Company: Leaning Places
Business style: Friendly and informal
  • Specialisms:
  • Staff development

Ready to chat?

Phone: 01482 651761

Helping your business...

Would your business benefit from less complaints, better communication and more happier, profitable customers? If so, seek Kirsty’s advice about social media and customer service training. She’ll also help you turn around negative customer experiences, transforming adversity into positive opportunities to impress, and reconnect with people. Her teacher training reaps similar benefits by reducing tuition costs for employers. Train just one employee as a teacher and they can go on to teach your staff.

Who is Kirsty

Self-employment runs in the blood in Kirsty’s family. Her parents ran a local chippy when she was a girl, so from a young age she’d already mastered the art of serving customers, and the strong social connections behind every good business. A mother of three, Kirsty somehow finds time to walk her dog Harvey before work every day, and don a Beaver Scout leader’s woggle too.

Who does Kirsty work for?

Kirsty is the founder of Learning Places, a company that transforms working places into learning places.

Think Kirsty could help your business?

Phone: 01482 651761

Why Kirsty is on How's Business:

Kirsty's on How's Business because she's helped business owners at the Popup Business Cafe in Goole.

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