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Carey Bilton Staff development

Who can Carey help:

If you need extra training for yourself or your team, the irrepressibly enthusiastic Carey can sort you out. Carey helps any organisation or business, both in the public and private sector.
Company: YH Training Services
Business style: Training needs matchmaker
  • Specialisms:
  • Staff development

Ready to chat?

Phone: 01723 371481

Helping your business...

Do your staff need a First Aid certificate? Is there government funding available to pay for a course? Is there training you need which you can't find anywhere? Carey has the answers. She's happy to get out and about and visit you on-site. Plus she's always up-to-date with the latest training needs. For example, did you know B&B owners with a hot tub need legionella awareness training? If there isn't a course that fits, Carey will help you find one that does.

Who is Carey

Always on the go, Carey doesn't slow down at the weekends either. She loves family time whether that's playing Lego with the children or taking trips out. One of her favourite walks is to the beautiful Cayton Bay on the Yorkshire coast.

Who does Carey work for?

Carey works for YH Training Services.

Think Carey could help your business?

Phone: 01723 371481

Why Carey is on How's Business:

Carey is on How's Business because she's helped business owners at Popup Business Cafes in Malton, Wykeham and Whitby.

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