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Simon King How's Business

Who can Simon help:

Simon's here to help small business owners who didn’t know about, or perhaps overlooked, the incredible wealth of professional support that’s available to them.
Company: How's Business
Business style: Friendly and informal
  • Specialisms:
  • Start-up advice
  • Business development
  • Social media

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Helping your business...

Simon has the commendable task of rebuilding trust in public sector support for small business owners - one handshake at a time, through ingenious community-building projects and events. It all comes down to changing perceptions, says Simon. Because it’s his job to encourage business owners to seek specialist advice, right here in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding - so that can be happier whilst running their businesses.

Who is Simon

Simon’s a storyteller - both literally and figuratively. When he’s not keeping local business owners informed, he’s narrating the Arthurian Legends to a loyal audience of discerning viewers on Periscope - the live, social broadcasting platform and is more than happy to answer any questions on how it works.

Who does Simon work for?

Simon works for How's Business, the Growth Hub for York, North Yorkshire and East Riding. How's Business was set up to make it really simple for business owners to find people who can help them out.

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Why Simon is on How's Business:

Simon's on here because he's the manager of How's Business

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