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How We're Funded

How We're Funded

On this page you'll learn...

  • Our mix of government funding and volunteer advice
  • How we keep costs low for the taxpayer
  • No paid-for listings, biographies or articles

From the government

The majority of the funding for How’s Business comes from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

Helpful volunteers

All our featured experts are volunteers. No one is paid for their time at Popup Business Cafes. They take part to give something back to their local business community.

Working smarter

We aim to carry out our work at the minimum cost to the taxpayer. One way is by linking up with and drawing attention to existing services and advisors. These may not always be free, but they’re in it for the long haul.

Selected, not paid for

All the experts, events and articles listed on this website are here on merit. No one has paid to be featured.