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Network Event

Bentham Lunchtime Networking, 15th Sept Organiser: North Craven Networking

Everyone has a couple of minutes to talk about their business before being shown around the club and networking in a non-pressured environment.

What you will find at the event:

You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your business and what you do to other business owners in your area and then network with them in a relaxed setting.

What you might want to look elsewhere for:

For skills workshops or conferences, you might want to keep searching through our events page.

Event details

Event Date: 15.09.2016
Start time: 11:30
End time: 13:00
Cost: Free
Venue: Bentham Golf Club
Postcode: LA2 7AG

What’s the benefit of attending:

It’s a very friendly way to network and the exchanging of business cards is encouraged so you’ll be able to create new business opportunities you might otherwise not have been aware of.

What’s the structure of the event:

Everybody is given two minutes to formally introduce themselves and their business at the beginning of the meeting before an informal networking session begins. Food can be purchased from the club house, so you can chat with potential partners over dinner in a relaxed way.

Things you need to know about the event:

The event is free and there’s no need to print off tickets, they just need you to register so that they can make sure they have enough biscuits for everybody who attends.

What food and drink options are available:

Food can be purchased from the club house, tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

What car parking options are available:

Plenty of onsite parking.

Who is North Craven Networking?

North Craven Networking

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