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Network Event

Finance for Non-Finance Managers Organiser: Leeds City College

This event helps people from a non-finance background get a quick and intensive boost to their financal skills.

What you will find at the event:

You'll get to workshop the financial problems that you are most likely to encounter in your business day-to-day, so you'll be ready to face them when they do come up.

What you might want to look elsewhere for:

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Event details

Event Date: 09.11.2016
Start time: 13:30
End time: 16:30
Cost: £60
Venue: Leeds City College - Printworks Campus
Postcode: LS10 1JY

What’s the benefit of attending:

You'll learn how to handle basic financial business tasks and understand all the jargon.

What’s the structure of the event:

The workshop begins at 13:30 and will run through until 16:30, where you will learn about profit and loss, balance sheets, costing, value for money, budgeting, and key metrics.

Things you need to know about the event:

When you're finished, you'll:

  • Be able to understand financial statements such as Profit & Loss, and budgets whilst being able to develop a cash flow statement and how to manage it effectively. 
  • Understand Key terminology, e.g. working capital, profits an understand budgets & transaction listings.
  • Be able to understand Items to budget for, employees and costs, consumables and cost of sales.

Who is Leeds City College?

Leeds City College.

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