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Network Event

Network North, York Organiser: Network North

This event is a friendly structured network meeting broken up by a breakfast.

What you will find at the event:

This is for people who are looking to attend a regular structured meeting and develop long term business relationships

What you might want to look elsewhere for:

This is not for people who are unable to attend regular meetings or people who are looking for flexible drop in sessions

Event details

Event Date: 01.06.2016
Start time: 07:15
End time: 09:00
Cost: £10
Venue: Hotel Du Vin, York
Postcode: YO24 1AX

What’s the benefit of attending:

At Network North, everything is structured to make it easy for you to find new business. Even if you’re new to networking, you will see a return if you follow the system. This is an opportunity for people to get referrals from other members of the network using their contacts, and an opportunity to brainstorm with other members and use their collective experience to solve problems.

What’s the structure of the event:

  • Meet – Get a coffee fix and chat with fellow members.
  • 60 second request - Gathered round the breakfast table, every member gives a 60-second shout-out for the kind of business they’re looking for.
  • Break for breakfast – yum! There is tea, coffee, juice and different choices of breakfast options, all included in the £10 to attend the event.
  • Ten minute presentation - One member each week gives an insight into their business. Not a presentation fan? Doing the ten minute slot has turned nervous wrecks into presenting ninjas!
  • Brainstorm Session - Get new ideas for your business, ask questions and get feedback. No matter what you're going through, somebody in the room will be able to help.


Things you need to know about the event:

Most people will dress formally as the hotel is very upmarket, but you are welcome to dress informally and wear work clothes. We meet on a weekly basis and we’d like you to attend at least 3 weeks out of every month. You need to sign up before the event and cannot pop in part way through

Who is Network North ?

Network North

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