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The Power of Collaboration Organiser: Design Network North

Great design will improve any product business or service. But it’s not always easy to get right, particularly if it’s not your core business. Fortunately, it’s better when there are two of you, and collaborating on a project is much more efficient, effective and - dare we say - fun.

What you will find at the event:

Three businesses are going to talk you through their experiences, what they’ve learned and what they’ve been able to achieve as a result.

What you might want to look elsewhere for:

Traditional and formal networking.

Event details

Event Date: 20.01.2017
Start time: 8:30
End time: 11:30
Cost: Free
Venue: 3M Buckley Innovation Centre
Postcode: HD1 3BD

What’s the benefit of attending:

Learn how collaboration can be effective for business and how you can implement this into your business.

What’s the structure of the event:

There will be opportunities for networking, before and after presentations.

The two speakers are:

Amanda Scacchetti, from Mamas & Papas, one of the best known brands in baby products, having started 25 years ago in Huddersfield. Amanda will describe the new and illuminating insights they’ve gained through engaging more closely with parents, and the impact it’s had on the business.

Richard Hall, from pd-m, an award winning innovation, product design and manufacturing business based in Ripon, who specialise in commercialising innovations in medical, consumer, industrial, nursery and leisure products. One of their key skills is working with technology specialists to understand how their technologies can be applied, and then developing products that make it happen. Richard will share some recent projects and give some insights into managing the relationship between inventor and designer.

Things you need to know about the event:

The ‘Rise and Design’ events are described as being the best place to meet new clients and suppliers, as well as learning about new technologies, business sectors and design practices.

There is also a chance to pitch to all attendees, and book a stand. If you've got something brilliant you would like to show everyone, book at pitch or a stand (or both) and get your business in front of our audience.

For more information, head over to the Design Network North website, here 

Who is Design Network North?

Design Network North

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