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Network Event

WiRE Network, Scarborough, 14th Dec Organiser: Women in Rural Enterprise

WiRE is a network for women who see the benefits of working together to grow their businesses.

What you will find at the event:

This month's meeting is centred around the NSPCC, and there will be a festive brunch where you can chat about your business as well as listen to the guest speaker.

What you might want to look elsewhere for:

You might want to look back at the events page for mixed, (i.e not women only) networking or skills workshops.

Event details

Event Date: 14.12.2016
Start time: 09:30
End time: 11:30
Cost: £5 for members, £6.50 non-members
Venue: Downe Arms Hotel
Postcode: YO13 9QB

What’s the benefit of attending:

WiRE is a supportive group, who share business experience and knowledge with each other. It is also a friendly place to practice networking skills, especially if you are new to it.

What’s the structure of the event:


This meeting will be a “Chatty Brunch” where Jo Dale, Community Fundraising Manager, will tell us a little of what the NSPCC does and how it does it.

Things you need to know about the event:

WiRE would like you to think about a couple of facts about yourself or your business that you’d be happy to tell us about so we can “Chat” about them over “Brunch”. The more unusual or unexpected the better – do we have any skydivers in our group or do any of you sell goods to Outer Mongolia???

This week's meeting fee will be donated to the NSPCC.

Who is Women in Rural Enterprise?

WiRE – Women in Rural Enterprise is a national membership network. WiRE is unique in its approach to business help, invaluable to all rural women in business at any stage, from the established or growing business, to new or potential businesses.

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