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Network Event

York Business Week Meet-Up Organiser: York Business Week

Enjoy relaxed and informal networking over a drink or two with some inspiring talks. If you fancy unwinding, celebrating getting this far, while being motivated to carry on your entrepreneurial path, come join us!

What you will find at the event:

Three special guest speakers.

What you might want to look elsewhere for:

If you want a formal, morning networking event.

Event details

Event Date: 14.11.2016
Start time: 19:00
End time: 21:30
Cost: Free
Venue: 1331, York
Postcode: YO1 7HU

What’s the benefit of attending:

Get some inspiration from business people who've been in a similar position to you and succeeded.

What’s the structure of the event:


  • Melissa Talago

A no nonsense, to the point, tell-it-like-it-is South African who now lives in York. Melissa could entertain us all night with her adventures of sailing the Atlantic or climbing Kilimanjaro, but she’s best known for her flexible, honest, no fluff approach to brand storytelling.


  • Russ Huntington

Founder of I-Finity and White Menu, Russ has his fair share of start-up experience. Like many founders, he has ridden a long and bumpy path, but has lived to tell the tale.


  • Chris Kenworthy

Author of The Human Freelancer; a guide to happy, honest self-employment for conscientious newcomers. Like the book, Chris contrasts 'highbrow' analysis of our pursuit for self-actualisation, with irreverent scorn for the 9-5 lifestyle - all intended to nudge you along your freelance journey.




Things you need to know about the event:

This event is part of the York Business Week. For more information, check out their website here

Who is York Business Week?

Sam Agnew with York Business Week

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